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Something I've never expected...

2010-07-03 17:16:06 by Lorens4444

Some day I returned home from an army and I saw... over than 150 added me to their favorites and a lot of my songs are on the top of the Goth list. Thanls to everyone, you let me know I'm making something that people like. :D

But there's still a lot of work to do:
1) The real metal guitar will come inside of my music. I need to make some preparations and recordings, an of course, I'll try my best.
2) Lirics and vocals is much more work for me, but I simply MUST do it.

Expect this changes in my next song I'm making. It's based on my "Space Trip" loop, but song is taking much more work.

Something I've never expected...


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2010-07-14 10:47:43

something ive never expected you'll notice about :)


2010-07-15 13:19:42



2010-10-17 12:01:39

man, your works are one of the best things i've ever listened to! and i do love music, so i've listened to almost everyhing (i didnt study piano for almost a decade for nothing!)
awesome job!


2010-10-22 22:29:21

Good for you, I was like that once, but the goth portal's not what it used to be.
Until we have a better voting system, like being only to be able to vote/download for one piece of music once, we'll never know who makes the music the most people like.


2014-09-21 03:59:40

Hey, with your permission and in return credit in production, I would like to use Cave of Evil Spirit in my Creepy Pasta Project. Please, may I use this?


2017-04-24 18:23:37

You know, that peculiar guitar you've got going there, that's quite the signature element of your music. That's one of the things giving your content its rarified air.